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Update: October 2023


Antoine Vanoverberghe - Co-founder - EYST

1. Who are we?

We are EYST TECHNOLOGY, SAS, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number 914 735 592, whose registered office is located at 16 Place de l’Iris, 92400 – Courbevoie, France (“EYST”).

2. What do we offer?

EYST is a technical service provider which publishes a software solution whose purpose is to enable insurance companies (the “Insurers”) to control the management of their policyholders’ claims expenses and to enable policyholders to spend the amount allocated to them by the Insurers using virtual payment cards (the “Virtual Cards”) compatible with the digital wallets (the “Wallet”) offered by Apple Pay and Google Pay (the “Wallet Provider”).
The Virtual Cards are issued by EDENRED CORPORATE PAYMENT acting as a payment services agent, with EYST acting as EDENRED CORPORATE PAYMENT’s technical service provider.

3. How do you access Virtual Cards?

You acknowledge and accept that EYST is a technical solution for insurance companies, enabling them to facilitate the provision of services subscribed to by their policyholders. Within this framework, you can use the Virtual Cards thanks to the Insurance company with which you are insured and which allows you to access them.

Once the Virtual Card has been validated by your insurance company and created by EYST, it is up to you to use two-factor authentication (you will receive a validation code on your cell phone, which you must enter into the software solution) to integrate the Virtual Card into the Wallet of your choice, which is compatible with the Virtual Card.

A new Virtual Card will be generated automatically for each payment. You can use the same Virtual Card for all your payments. In this case, EYST will check that you are the holder of this Virtual Card for each payment, and that your insurance company has validated your various claims.

Use of the Virtual Card requires that you accept the Wallet Provider’s terms and conditions in order to integrate the Virtual Card into the Wallet and implement the payment. If the Wallet Provider refuses or terminates your subscription, you cannot use the Virtual Card in the Wallet.

4. What is the purpose of this document?

The purpose of this document is to inform you of the terms and conditions governing the use of Virtual Cards through the Wallet, and of your obligations in this respect.

You acknowledge that you are aware of the characteristics and constraints of Virtual Cards, in particular their technical limitations.

You acknowledge having read this document by checking a box when integrating the Virtual Card into your Wallet. If you do not tick this box, you cannot use the Virtual Card in your Wallet.

5. How long can you use the Virtual Card?

You may use the Virtual Card for the duration determined by the Insurance. You also acknowledge that the Virtual Card expires after its validity period, after which it will no longer be possible to use it. Any funds credited to the Virtual Card by the Insurer will be returned to the Insurer.
You acknowledge and agree that if (i) the contract between Insurance and EYST and (ii) the contract between you and your Insurance terminates for any reason, your Virtual Card will be automatically deactivated.

6. What are your obligations and responsibilities when using the Virtual Card?

You are responsible for your use of the Virtual Card and agree to:
* To comply with the instructions and terms of use, in particular concerning the security of the Virtual Card, issued by Insurance or in accordance with these terms and conditions, as the case may be.
* Use the Virtual Card personally and not allow any third party to use it for you or on your behalf.

You agree not to misuse the Virtual Card for any purpose other than that for which it was intended, and in particular to:

* Carry out an illegal or fraudulent activity,
* Undermine public order and morality,
* Infringe third parties or their rights in any way whatsoever,
* Violate any contractual, legislative or regulatory provision,
* Carry out any activity likely to interfere with a third party’s computer system, in particular for the purpose of violating its integrity or security,
* Assist or incite a third party to commit one or more of the acts or activities listed above.

You also agree not to:

* Copy, modify or misappropriate any item belonging to us or any concept we use,
* Engage in any behavior that interferes with or hijacks our computer systems or undermines our computer security measures or those of Wallet Providers,
* Infringe our financial, commercial or moral rights and interests,
* market, transfer or give access in any way whatsoever to Virtual Cards or to any item belonging to us.

7. How is your personal data processed in connection with the Services?

In the context of the Services, EYST is required to process your personal data in its capacity as data controller within the meaning of the applicable regulations on the processing of personal data. EYST’s privacy policy is available here.

8. What are the penalties for failing to meet your obligations?

If you fail to meet your obligations, we may suspend or cancel your access to the Virtual Card.

9. How can we modify the document?

We may modify the document at any time and will inform you by any written means (and in particular by e-mail) at least 7 calendar days before they come into force. If you continue to use the Virtual Card after the amended document has come into force, we will consider that you have accepted it. If you do not accept these changes, you must delete the Virtual Card from your Wallet before the changes take effect.

10. How to contact us

You can contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

11. Which law applies to the document?

This document is governed by French law.

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